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yes great album


➕has all of my favorite songs, and➗ exceeded my expectations👌 good job, Ed👏 *wishes there was a red head emoji☹️😂*


OMG I'm obsessed

Jades yet

Baby is talented as hell and if you are on the fence about buying this album, trust us, it's amazing, innit❤️


Lol you guys are so 4 years ago. He released this song a long time ago in the U.S and in Canada and your comments are from 2012 saying how he finally released them in the U.S and in Canada. 😂😂 Love this song tho🙌🏼😍❤️


Amazing artist both live and on album! Would go to another of his concerts again in a heart beat if he came back and will continue to support him by purchasing every album and LP he put out!

Home Enforcer

Great album 💖

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