Frank Ocean

Biking (feat. JAY Z & Tyler, the Creator) - Single Mp3 Download

Artist: Frank Ocean
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 2017-04-10

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Track Name Duration
Biking (feat. JAY Z & Tyler, t 4:37


Amazing work! Never disappointed.

Beer had

I love love love frank


Love it


All three of them nail their verses; I love Jay Z's intro to the song. I feel like this song wouldn't be as complete without him, even though a lot of people hate on him and say that he's "trash". Frank's pure talent goes without saying and Tyler's last verse really tied the song together. This is a beautiful track.


Frank, Tyler, and Jay all come together to give subtle references to modern life through biking. The comparison of life to biking is ever-apparent as each artist remarks the metaphor in their own way. Jay sounds influenced solely by Frank, and Frank and Tyler each express their lyrics in ways that only they could manage to do. Franks wild thrashing at the end is quite a parallel to his crescendo in Ivy on Blonde. He's making his view quite apparent that something doesn't feel right to him. The minimalist approach to the music and the sound gives listeners the idea that these three music professionals are about the lyrics in this song. Don't miss the references. This song is full of everything that Tyler and Frank are known for.


This would've been so much nicer withut Jay-Z.


I bought this Single, then iTunes took it down and put it back up with new artwork. So the purchase I made was removed from the store, but I was still charged. So it doesn't say 'purchased' and i can't download it again, it says '1.29' meaning they want to charge me twice

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