Cardi B

Bodak Yellow (feat. Messiah) [Latin Trap Remix] - Single Mp3 Download

Artist: Cardi B
Genre: Urbano latino
Release Date: 2017-08-18

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Track Name Duration
Bodak Yellow (feat. Messiah) [ 3:42


Like it better than the English version


I don’t vibe well with talentless hacks




Makes good? Absolutely NOT!


No other woman artist had ever caught my attention as much as cardi b. Crazy thing is that I've been a fan way before her music came out. She is a dope, down to earth, humble woman and I admire her hustle. you can't lie, the woman spits fire! She's got bars....... 💕xoxo sending love from Tucson Arizona


Better than the English version mainly bc she has quite better bars in Spanish and that Messiah dude makes the remix hella better. Deserves a solid 4. Would give 4.5 if possible, but it needs just a bit more to it to be a 5. Still mess with it.🔥🔥


Thank you Cardi 🙏🏼

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