Chris Brown

C. Sizzle Undiscovered Mp3 Download

Artist: Chris Brown
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: 2015-11-20

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Track Name Duration
My Love 4:45
Who 3:36
Whoo? 3:48
Stay with Me 3:14
One Girl 4:13
The School Bell 4:09
Fortune nor Fame 4:02
SizzleWiggle 3:39


I like this album it's very different for Chris brown I gotta say that I like his other music more but this album is really great considering that he is a lot younger when he was singing this, and it is really cool to see what Chris was like as a kid. stay with me is the best song though.

Mrs. Suz Breezy

I love the songs, but whoever put it up should let the people who can’t tell know that song #6 isn’t Chris. Sounds like it could possibly be Jawan Harris, but it’s definitely not the same voice as the other songs.


I've been waiting for him to release something like this for years now!


I love this fav song up here his stay with me


Awwww young Chris

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