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Jesse Williams

This song is hot


Usher 5/5 Young Jeezy 5/5 Drake 4/5 Dj Khaled 5/5 Rick Ross 2/5


When i first heard this song I rushed on iTunes and brought it. It's nice with all the artist in there, it's just like forever by drake all over again


but lil wayne is in my version and its sick


I think it would be MORE AWESOME if t-pain sung tha chorus

actual music..

Why are you listening to this music. All it is is a ton of electronic software, a guy rapping, and a drummer. The technology that people can use today can create that song using a computer. Music was created to bring out certain thoughts and ideas, straight from the person. This music just repeats the same words to make the song longer. If you want some real music, look for artists that aren't that popular. The record producers look for rappers because thats what makes more money. If you really care about music, then listen to beatles, rolling stones, kansas, elvis because the older songs have to best rhythms and parts because they found them out and put them into their songs before anyone else could. So, if you like this type of music, then cool beans.

nick the baller

Nice song

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