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Khaled- 2/10- He just yells Usher- 9/10- He brought his A-Game more than on his album, The King of R&B is Back!!! Young Jeezy- 6/10- Average verse/ nothing special Rick Ross- 5/10- slightly better than his usual, Goes hard by his standards, but still ruins the song's bid for 5 stars Drake- 8/10- Great as always Everyone brought their A-Game by their standards or is always great


So awesome


I love dis song! Usher is DA BOMB!! They need the version with Wayne on here tho!!


yo, usher kills this song!


Ok this song was playing in the auditorium when we walked in for a speech for gym and the curtains were down so the teacher went up on the stage and brought the curtain up and the janitor was dancing on the stage while he was mopping. Lol it was so funny.

wanyae east

this song is amazing like the song it makes me feel happy when I'm down(:


This song is good. Usher makes this song, jeezy is always good, ross is okay just like every other song, and drake kills his verse (even though it is VERY short). And stop hatin on DJ Khaled he is a DJ not a rapper like lil wayne or em. And he gets the BEST rappers in the game to come together and make a killer hit. Keep up the good work Khaled

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