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Among the best of bests.


Sadly, I lost my original CD of this album, so I was happy to see it on iTunes. Unfortunately, the songs here on iTunes are a bit different than the actual CD, and I hate these versions. I just wasted $15.


Finally the album is on iTunes and is great. However when you subscribe to Apple Music there isn't the full version ones again.


Finally the remix of Imogen Heap is now up for grabs, thankfuly i still had $1 left on my account, And I got the song, and it is great.

Onza DaVichi

From my childhood!


This album is like striking lost gold. A good compilation of dance tunes, something to turn all the way on max volume while driving in the Z4.


At long last everyone the full album! I had a physical copy for the longest time because i knew the iTunes version was lacking. I think this album (when complete) speaks for itself. It is a great thing to see iTunes respond to its reviewers even if its late. Thanks iTunes

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