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Miami italiano

How, in the world is this album rated “4 and a half stars average”? What evil lurks on the Earth, giving this album below 5 stars?? It is preposterous and inane. If I could add 5 more stars, I would make this album the highest rated of all time of album reviews. ISOS 7 is one of the best, Tiësto has created for this world filled with repugnant and disgraceful people, minus those who gave all 5 stars to Tiësto’s brilliant masterpieces.


what makes this album so beautiful is that it’s a continuous mix - well not this one on iTunes!! just add the continuous mix already, it’s been ~7 years!


I'm actually a really big fan of this Tiësto change. It's positive unlike his change now.


Warning, this album is NOT mixed. Ended up having to order the physical CD in order to get the mix. If you want the tracks off of the album then by all means purchase it. If you're looking for the actual mix, this is NOT it. Mixed album gets 5 stars. Unmixed gets 3.


why isn't there a continous mix? like the album you buy in stores? I tunes version is not what i was expected very disappointed


cant wait for another live show!!


ughhh you just feel the beats

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