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Aldi C 01

This is the best ISOS album of the series, and one of the best (actual) trance albums ever made. ISOS 4 really captures the essence of this extraordinary dj. When listening to this masterpiece it is deeply shocking to think of the absolute garbage he plays now.

Aland 666

What the songs, I'm dying 😍🎶

irina sanders

this record is one of the best record I've listened to by Tiesto. the atmosphere you dive in is just amazing. LOVE it.


this is my favourite dj-mix compilation by Tiesto. I really love it. This is the real trance which can make us to dance all the night!


This is truly one of the best albums I've ever heard; amazing progression and variance of sound, while somehow maintaining a "Latin" rhythmic vibe throughout each finely spun track. Plus, it's like 4 days long which is amazing. Buy this now, a true gem.

Soapy Renegade

As many other people have stated, this is the all time best mix of trance I have ever heard. It's the ultimate display of the Tiesto style of trance in two flawless mixes. It's ethereal, rhythmic, and truly trance inducing. I love this album so much it makes me sad to think about how great it is and how awful its creator has become in recent years. It's as if, after completing the Jupiter Symphony, Mozart took up whistling. Regardless, buy this album if you don't want to miss out on THE emotional and technical tour de force of the electronic dance world.


My favorite song in all of In Search of Sunrise series "Gravity" by Erik Shepard is not the same version as it was when this album came. Thumbs down for blowing the best song. I agree that White Noise and Gravity to one of the best combos ever.

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