DJ Khaled

Kiss the Ring (Deluxe Version) Mp3 Download

Artist: DJ Khaled
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: 2012-08-21

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Track Name Duration
Shout Out to the Real (feat. M 4:13
Bitches & Bottles (Let's Get I 4:29
I Wish You Would (feat. Kanye 3:57
Take It to the Head (feat. Chr 4:27
They Ready (feat. J Cole, Big 3:14
I'm So Blessed (feat. Big Sean 4:12
Hip Hop (feat. Scarface, Nas & 4:22
I Did It for My Dawgz (feat. R 4:25
I Don't See 'Em (feat. Birdman 4:33
Don't Pay 4 It (feat. Wale, Ty 4:17
Suicidal Thoughts (feat. Mavad 3:14
Outro (They Don't Want War) [f 3:03
Don't Get Me Started 3:02
Aktion Pak 3:07
B-Boyz (feat. Mack Maine, Kend 4:57
Piss Em Off 2:48
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