My Krazy Life (Deluxe Version) Mp3 Download

Artist: YG
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: 2014-03-18

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Track Name Duration
Momma Speech Intro 0:15
BPT 2:08
I Just Wanna Party (feat. ScHo 3:32
Left, Right (feat. DJ Mustard) 3:52
Bicken Back Being Bool 4:03
Meet the Flockers (feat. Tee C 2:03
My Hitta (feat. Jeezy & Rich H 3:55
Do It To Ya (feat. TeeFLii) 4:25
Me & My Bitch (feat. Tory Lane 3:31
Who Do You Love? (feat. Drake) 3:53
Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin) [ 5:10
1Am 2:37
Thank God (Interlude) [feat. B 2:01
Sorry Momma (feat. Ty Dolla $i 5:05
When I Was Gone (feat. RJ, Tee 3:21
Bompton 2:53
My Hitta (feat. Lil Wayne, Ric 3:59
My Hitta (Music Video) [feat. 4:11
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