Ed Sheeran

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Artist: Ed Sheeran
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 2019-07-12

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Track Name Duration
Beautiful People (feat. Khalid 3:17
South of the Border (feat. Cam 3:24
Cross Me (feat. Chance the Rap 3:26
Take Me Back to London (feat. 3:09
Best Part of Me (feat. YEBBA) 4:03
I Don't Care 3:39
Antisocial 2:41
Remember The Name (feat. Emine 3:27
Feels (feat. Young Thug & J Hu 2:30
Put It All On Me (feat. Ella M 3:17
Nothing On You (feat. Paulo Lo 3:20
I Don’t Want Your Money (fea 3:24
1000 Nights (feat. Meek Mill & 3:32
Way To Break My Heart (feat. S 3:10
BLOW 3:29


some good songs, yet others are very obnoxious


This album contains basically artists for any sort of genre and Ed Sheeran makes amazing production. Remember the Name and other tracks are amazing! It’s also great to see 50 Cent come on a track like that one. I suggest this album to everyone and see what kind of songs you enjoy.




this album was different but amazing. so fun to listen to in the car and with friends. i don’t care wasn’t for me (too mainstream) but i absolutely love the other songs. for those who love his songs like photograph and thinking out loud, the song best of me is pretty beautiful and similar to those.


This album was very experimental. Ed knew that because in the description he says that he had to step way out of his comfort zone for this. Saying that, there are 2 things the haters of this album need to be aware of: 1) this is called a “collaborations project” for a reason; that word means that there’s more than one person on each of the songs. 2) Ed is only gonna go so far with lovey dovey guitar songs, which is why his fans need to be open minded as he experiments and tries new things. For example, his songs here that blend his style with hip hop have been heavily criticized and disliked by his die hard fans. I for one, however, really really like these songs (especially 1000 Nights) because I have an ear for Ed and hip-hop (as a matter of fact, they’re pretty much the two main things I listen to). Now, not all Ed fans do have an ear for hip hop (not many at all I think) which is where being open minded comes into play, rather than immediately telling Ed to go back to his style and hating on the entire album. It has its flaws, but this album I believe was a very smart risk for Ed to take.


He stepped outside his box and flourished just like he has with every other cd he has put out. His ability to flow on one song and then hit every note in a slow romantic song is amazing. He still had a cpl great older style songs on this new album but his new collaborations were great. Haven’t found one cd yet I didn’t ready like. Great job. Puts in the best concert I’ve ever seen too. Hands down now question.


Ed has the most refreshing voice I’ve heard in years! Collaboration is key! I’m in love with 4 songs on this album so far. Music sells, business is business and when it comes right down to it he knows business!

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