Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Peewee Longway & Migos

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Artist: Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Peewee Longway & Migos
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: 2016-05-13

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Track Name Duration
Clap Your Hands (feat. MPA Duk 3:28
Donald Trump (feat. DK) 2:11
Geeked Up (feat. Yung LA) 3:11
Hurt Nobody (feat. MPA Wicced) 3:56
Tell Nobody (feat. Yung LA) 3:30
Panaramic Roof 3:37
Riding Around (feat. Yung LA & 3:59
See You Later (feat. MPA Duke 3:59
Texter 3:10
Umm Hmm (feat. MPA Wicced) 3:02
Wait Your Turn (feat. Yung LA) 3:26
You the Best (feat. YSL) 2:50
Blame It On Her (feat. Young T 3:18
Brand New 2:46
Call Yo Plug (feat. OGD) 3:47
Crazy (feat. Young Thug) 4:08
Dangerous Click (feat. Jose Gu 4:03
In the Way (feat. MPA Duke) 4:19
Pourin (feat. Jose Guapo) 3:30
Ruffless (feat. MPA Duke) 3:31
Squat 3:00
Use a Nobody (feat. Jose Guapo 4:21
Time To Get Paid 2:59
1017 (feat. Young Thug) 3:00
Hotpocket 2:40
Problems (feat. Young Thug) 4:13
Sadam Usane (feat. Kourney Mon 3:21
Seen a Lot (feat. Young Scoote 3:26
Send Me Pack (feat. Young Dolp 3:28
Skerr (feat. Young Dolph) 3:38

Lexy Mangos

I love this!! The bundles is great! My 3 favorite albums!! Free Gucci!

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