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We The Best is a must-have. The single "We Takin Over" must be heard! It boasts an awesome hook by Akon, and awesome verses by Fat Joe, T.I., Rozay, and even Birdman sounds good. The song ends with arguably the best Lil Wayne verse of all time; "Feed me rappers or feed me beats!". This song (and DJ Khaled) captured Weezy at his peak, and deserves credit. The hits; "Brown Paper Bag", "I'm So Hood", and the incredible "We Takin' Over" are lifelong favorites. "The Originators" is a great tribute to a legendary rap group. Be forewarned: DJ Khaled is not a rapper, he's a DJ. And he sticks to DJ'ing, thankfully. Make sure you cop it. (and check out the "We Takin' Over" and "I'm So Hood" remixes)


this cd is a great cd. The guest appearances are far better than any album i have ever listened to. each song is very good. I had to give this 3 stars because it is missing 4 songs. I own the cd, and it has 15 songs. Also, DJ Khaled gets annoying, but he isnt even on the songs much, so its ok. the best songs are: We Takin Over Im From The Ghetto Before The Solution


Wth lol. Dj kahled is from Miami not new York. Pleez he wishes he's from ny like me lol. Don't sing about NYC unless ur from NYC. Lololol awesome album tho lololololoolololololol. T.I is better tho. I know that was random who cares.


other than the hook on the "I'm from the ghetto" song this CD go hard. It should've had a couple more tracks though


all i gota say is WE DA BEST!!!!!! gret album best dj alive!!!


DJ KHALED gets a group of people together and writes the songs he says "we the best" and "listen" because he is a DDDJJJ. he isnt supoesedto sing he is supoesedto write and compose songs

Slim Shady 313

Khaled does not have enough lines in this album

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